Cpalead, Make Money The Easy Way!

The first post in this newly created blog is dedicated completely to CPALEAD, an incentivized network which seems to have conquered the market. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for more than 3 years now, tried different kind of networks and offers, starting from Zip Submits to Free Trial offers, generated thousand of dollars in revenue but the profit margin was low, when you add up the advertising costs and the fact that most of the big players in the industry shave as hell

What is CPALEAD?

CPALEAD is an incentivized network which has currently more than 200 different offers from all over the world. What makes CPALEAD stand out from different companies is the gateway they provide for all their publishers. Basically CPALEAD works with almost any kind of site but from my personal experience, it works out pretty well when used with TV Sites, Movie Sites, Music Sites, Game Sites, so the gateway actually locks any content on your page and it opens again only after a visitor has completed one of the surveys. The good thing is that everything is automatic and offers are shown according to your location (geo ip). So USA offcrs will be shown solely to U.S citizens and Italian offers will be shown only to Italians

How much can I make with CPALEAD?

Actually, thats a rhetoric question, If I tell you that you can make 100 usd per day and you dont work at all, it wont happen for you. I can tell you the biggest earners on CPALEAD are making more than 1k (yep thats right 1000 usd) per day and still growing

Why it is easy to make money with CPALEAD?

It is extremely easy (at least for me) because the opportunities are endless. More than 200 million people play games, watch movies online or listen to music, so you could lock that content up and all they have to do is complete an offer and you get paid. Another great method to make money via CPALEAD is by referring new publishers. You get a nice 5 % for all your lifetime, means if your referral makes 1000 usd, you get 50 dollars, imagine having a referral base of 20-50 people, you get the picture


The conclusion is obvious, if you are a newbie in the affiliate marketing and want to make some fast money, CPALEAD is the proper choice for you. The in-depth statistics provided by CPALEAD and the excellent support by their staff will surely help you achieve your goals and make some money online.

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